Daily Archives: February 27, 2014

Designer Babies


The news says we can now modify genes in babies to eliminate certain possible diseases. This is done by adding genetic material from a woman to the existing DNA that originated with the father and the mother. Some say that the next step is “designer babies” with DNA adjusted to be exactly what the parents’ desire.

1. I can certainly see some fights between parents as to what should or should not be included. Picking a name is often contentious enough.

2. If the baby doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, whom do you sue?

3. Does the “other woman” have any childcare obligations in the event of divorce? Can she say she’s been “put out for stud?”

4. Remember that cute kitten you had that grew up to be a cat? The baby might be “up to specs” but that doesn’t guarantee that it will be perfect as a teenager.

I tell my kids that God made each of them exactly the way He wanted them for whatever role He expects them to play. I prefer to leave such decisions up to Him.

However, I wouldn’t mind if the “clean your room” gene suddenly clicked on.