Thoughts on Getting Older

Photo - Even John D. Rockefeller got old!

Photo –
Even John D. Rockefeller got old!

As I get older, I find I tire more easily. At times, this frustrates me, but if I stop and think, it actually works out.

My daughter wanted her bedroom painted. In my younger days, in order to make sure it was done “right,” I would have insisted that I be the prime contractor, quality control, lead painter, more quality control, etc. Now, not so much.

My daughter started the project on her own, and with some help from her brother, got most of it done.

Today, she was a little frustrated because it wasn’t compete. Most of it was the “cutting in” around the door and windows that had to be done with a brush rather than a roller. I was able to finish that part in less than an hour.

Bottom line – she learned how to paint and now appreciates what it takes. She made fewer mistakes than I would have, and I got to come in at the end, like the cavalry in the old movies, and be the hero.

Beats painting a room by myself.

One response to “Thoughts on Getting Older

  1. Steve, your writing-thoughts remind me of a question Socrates asked Plato: “What does what you [Plato] just said have to do with what you are trying to share with me and what I [Socrates] should learn?”

    Plato looked at Socrates with great respect and awe, and replied: “What a
    wonder-filled question. Life is learned backwards, but lived forwards. It is
    not in discourse but DIALOGUE–when you and I share our lives, thoughts and experiences–that we find commonality and connection.”

    Painting your daughter’s room and getting older, for example. I’ve been there and done that. Going ten steps backwards, I even remember painting
    my father’s rentals when he was older and I was a kid, and dad telling me, “Ricardo, you were born to paint!” Heck, after hearing that I would paint my butt off–until I learned that was his of motivating me.

    Now, when I see my daughters paint their kids’ rooms, what do you think
    I say to them? “You were born to paint!”

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