Russian Spokesman Comment


Russian spokesman Vlad “The Explainer”

With apologies to Matt Groenig

With apologies to Matt Groenig

“Those aren’t my troops!

Nobody saw me!

You can’t prove a thing!”

2 responses to “Russian Spokesman Comment

  1. “His-story” is OUR story.” If anyone ever wondered why studying history is important, today’s Russia and today’s America is the answer. Russian history, aggression and lack of trust is repeating itself; America’s defensive strategy which has never produced a positive outcome, lack of leadership,
    and shady/wishy-washy government is repeating itself.

    Unfortunately, there’s apparently no historians in D.C.–“to prove a thing.”

    • Rick,
      As near as I can tell, each newly elected official surrounds themselves with young, energetic, impressively educated advisors. Unfortunately, they tend to have little or no real experience, so they look at what “SHOULD” work without knowing if it will. Then, 12 to 18 months later, they burn out from the high intensity and long hours, only to be replaced by another “young Turk.” (The burnout rate is a huge factor that people tend to ignore.)

      There’s a reason some cultures place such a high value on the wisdom of their elders. One who has lived through things is often better than one who has read about them, even if they did so at a prestigious Ivy League university.

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