What’s Really Important?

Reading the headlines – the war in Crimea, political buffoonery in Washington, global warming, Snowmageddon, etc. can be intimidating.

What’s really important? What really matters?

I’ve given it much thought and I decided.

Of all the laundry, I like the towels best.



They’re easy to fold, AND you can fold a whole dryer load in a matter of minutes.

They’re easy to match than socks.

None of them need to go on hangers.

And nothing beats a warm towel after a shower on a winter’s day.

6 responses to “What’s Really Important?

  1. Rick Martinez

    Well, how about this, Esteban? How about a great shot of expensive cognac at least once in our life?

  2. Some things, regardless of their intrinsic value, can only be truly appreciated with friends with whom you’ve shared a history and a future.

  3. If only all top ‘players’ focused more on towels and socks rather than guns and their own Ego – then, may be, we all could live peacefully and there would not be any headlines about Ukraine 😉

    • Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are important – enjoying what we have; seeing the positive. The quest for “more,” whether wealth, power or ego for their own sakes rarely turns out well. Maybe if people included “What more can I do for others?” in their calculus…
      All the best.

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