Writing In the Dust


I picked up a copy of National Geographic’s special publication about Jesus. I’m always trying to learn just a little bit more about Him.

I learned something that I didn’t expect.

They pointed out how He left behind no writings or other historical evidence. We know He wrote, but it was in the dust.

He may not have left anything tangible behind, but what He did leave behind was powerful.

Salvation. The fact that God loves us. A new relationship with God.

Jesus wasn’t about Himself – He was about the message.

One response to “Writing In the Dust

  1. How beautiful and wonderful, Steve. Jesus was not author. He is “Authority.”

    Perhaps this is the reason. Just like it is our duty, as men and women, to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist– we are collaborators in creation. However, the world “forgets” YOU its creator, and falls in love with what you have created instead…of YOU.

    Sometimes this is true of God. We forget the Creator–and Authority–of all.
    Jesus reminded us, though, “If you don’t believe in me, believe in what I do.”

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