Mustache March


The military has many traditions – some that are just for fun. The Air Force celebrates “Mustache March.” Apparently a fighter ace during Vietnam was in some out of the way location and decided that since no one was around to criticize him, he’d grow a mustache. He was actually a “triple ace” between service in World War II and Vietnam. The Colonel – later Brigadier General – Robin Olds’ tradition caught on. March 1st all the participants have to be clean shaven, and judging occurs on the last day of the month.

Now I had a mustache for most of my life. Before I joined the Navy I also had a goatee – but that’s another story. I “temporarily” removed my mustache when I came off active duty and was job hunting. My intention was to grow it back as soon as I had a civilian job, but after hearing everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) tell me I looked 20 years younger without it, I decided to leave it off

In a fit of camaraderie, I joined in.nowak

Bottom line is I won the “Sam Elliot” category. Of course since all of those in uniform had to maintain regulations, with the mustache more-or-less not extending past the upper lip, it was an unfair advantage.

Good fun, but tomorrow morning I will attempt to look 20 years younger again.



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