A Geek’s Eye View

The wand chooses the Geek...

The wand chooses the Geek…

Now that we’re back from the Great Wolf Lodge, as a certifiable geek, I now am working on a different project.

One of the attractions of the park is a “magic” hunt in which you buy a wand that interacts with various items around the hotel. I’m sure most end up in the toy box for a few weeks and then out with the trash.

Not here. Naturally I figured that if nothing else, it could join the rest of my illusions in the trunk I use for magic tricks.

However, while we were packing this morning, I did quick Google search.

“Great Wolf Lodge Magic Wand Hacks” [SEARCH]

Some folks have found out how to decode the wand’s signal and use it with an Arduino computer. Think opening your front door with a wand rather than a key.

I had already considered replacing the guts of the wand with a high powered laser to use at meetings in order to be the envy of the PowerPoint Rangers!

I haven’t decided exactly how, but the wand is headed for a much better life once properly repurposed.

I wonder what kind of ham radio use I could find for it…

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