The More Things Change…?

beach1When I was a teenager, I was bombarded with images of people my age, but far more attractive, frolicking on the beach with perfect airbrushed tans and perfect teeth including, of course, the requisite surfboards. (Cue the Beachboys…)

Now, many years later, I am bombarded with images of beautiful people my age, around the pool just off the beach with perfect photoshopped skin covered with myeloma resistant sunscreen and perfectly crowned and veneered teeth, including, of course, the retirement home strategically placed in the background. (Cue the Beachboys…)

I’m not sure, but they may be the same people.

One response to “The More Things Change…?

  1. Rick Martinez

    You’re so funny, Steve. ‘Just What I need this early morning…a hearty laugh.
    But…then, I started thinking about the theory of “the body in motion stays in motion…?”

    Blessings, rick

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