One Thing Jefferson Had Right

“Architecture is my delight and putting up and pulling down one of my favorite amusements.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1809.


I may not be the architect that Jefferson was, nor able to afford wholesale changes of my home, but I do enjoy changing things, especially if it gives me the opportunity to learn.

I was moving some computers around, changing their functions so that in the event of bad weather, my weather station could stay on the air, independent of the power grid. I also wanted my ham radio computer to be assigned primarily to programs associated with high frequency radio bands, and my main computer focuses on programs for writing music.

This befuddled my kids. Why would I want to do this, and why would I want to do that?

We spend years of our childhood and teenage years with the opportunity to spend all day, Monday through Friday through most of the year learning. It’s a chore and a bore.

Then we get out of school, on our way through our careers and finally realize how much fun learning actually is. To try things. To put up and pull down, To do so just because. Just because it teaches us something.

That’s what makes life interesting.

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