Leading Headlines Cause…

Byron MacGregor

Byron MacGregor

In their pathetic pursuit of eyeballs, the media, past and present try to suck us in with teasers. I still remember the 9:00 PM teasers for the 11:00 news on broadcast television years ago.

“A local politician is in big trouble after comments he made today. We’ll tell you who at 11!” (Psst! Politicians are always in trouble. So what?)

Now the internet news sources are begging us to look with links like:

“A day’s worth of sex…”

“You won’t believe what…”

Not to mention the everyday listing of:

“[Female name] rocks a bikini”

“[Female name] flaunts a bikini”

“[Female name] wears [Choose one] short/see through/plunging [Choose one] Dress/Shorts/Galoshes.”

At least back in the 60’s, you had Byron MacGregor on CKLW* reporting Detroit stories with a wonderful baritone voice, teasing with:

“Three people walked into a south side bar last night. Two came out feet first as the Motor City murder rate continues to climb!

“And the smoke-eaters were busy last night fighting a three alarm blaze.”

Always ending with, “This is Byron MacGregor. Twenty-twenty news.”

Some things are hard to top, even with all the modern technology.


*CKLW is actually a Canadian station in Windsor, Ontario (which is actually south of Detroit – check the map) but back then it was a Detroit rock and roll superstation.

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