Oh, Yeah?!

THE Smothers Brothers

THE Smothers Brothers

That was Tommy Smothers “snappy comeback.”

As I get older and wiser, things that used to drive me nuts now are able to be dealt with by an “Oh, yeah?!”

Things at work. Politicians. My kids.

I never knew that the Smothers Brothers were wise.

How scary is that?

P.S. Falla la lallah lallah lallah la lallah chirp! Chirp!

2 responses to “Oh, Yeah?!

  1. ” Falla la lallah lallah lallah la lallah” Was not that the Banana Splits theme?

    • Tom,
      I think that was just straight unadulterated “La”s with no “Falla.” That way they didn’t have a copyright war with Tom and Dick.

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