Growing Up


I have a grown son who’s married with wife, house, family, mortgage, and home repairs of his own.

When he was in high school, I knew he was taller than me because I had to buy progressively taller clothes. However, his coming of age still came as quite the shock.

You’d think I’d have learned.

My younger son is in high school, going through the same developmental process. He’s in the final stages of getting his driver’s license. Every day the mail brings an envelope from some college or another.

I’ve always impressed upon him the importance of critical thinking – WHY is this important? WHAT does this really mean?

Today he was helping me with some of my projects (after mowing the yard and several other major chores.)

“Why do you do this?” he asked.

“Why don’t you put this electronic keyboard in the music room?”

“Dad, shouldn’t you focus on fewer interests so you have time to devote to them?”

It’s not a monster that I’ve created, but a young man who evaluates data, arrives at a conclusion, and isn’t afraid to challenge an assumption or take a position based on logic.

Sometimes it challenges my comfort zone that I’ve spent over 60 years perfecting.

We’re taught, “What you sow, also will you reap.”

Thank you, God, as always You know better than I.

P.S. I’m insufferably proud.

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  1. Lawrence Bivins

    Two thumbs up!

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