That Was Then, This Is Now

I used to love Spencer’s Gifts – the penultimate shop for the young.

Blacklights? Yep. Weird and delightful decorations? They’ve got it covered.

When I was a kid, once we made our way past the dinosaurs, from time to time there was a clay tablet version of Spencer’s catalog in the mailbox.

Okay, I fibbed about the dinosaurs, but since this was before shopping malls Spencer’s was mainly a mail order house.

But then came the malls. I remember lusting over a Darth Vader helmet at Spencer’s back in the 1970s. Alas, it was almost forty bucks, well above my means at the time.

Yes, I’ve since acquired one – I think that’s why I get e-mail advertisements from Spencer’s.

I see the 20-something models portraying independence and hedonism in their ads, but I don’t criticize. Why?

Because when I was that age, that was exactly where I was – just not so photogenic.

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