I’ve always envied growers. Builders can take a set of plans and make something, but with those same plans, what they build is always going to come out the same.

Growers, on the other hand, have to rely on faith. They plant something and then they wait.

Builders can speed up construction, but growers are at the mercy of those little seeds.

However, growers can see their efforts pay off a hundredfold.

My father was both a builder AND a grower. He built a cottage, an addition to our house and even a boat (on the front porch – a la Leroy Jethro Gibbs.) He always had a very bountiful home garden.

Not me.

For the first few years here, I had a garden, and although the yellow and zucchini squash didn’t make it, at least I had good tomatoes. However, 2 years ago even the tomatoes wouldn’t cooperate.

So I envy those who can grow fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers.

I can’t compete with them, so I think I’ll copy them in my own way.

I think I’ll concentrate on growing ideas.

One response to “Growing

  1. Rick Martinez

    Steve, what a wonderful “idea” for a blog. While I can’t cite the scripture at this moment, I recall the master giving 3 men 5 “talents” each, and sending them away to multiply them in some way and bring them back in a year or so. I’ve often thought of these “talents” as not only coins, but as gifts in the form of personal or professional qualities–much like your gift of ideas and authorship.

    Heck, you may not be able grow vegetables, but I’ve always lacked common sense. At age 10 after coming out of a physics class all exuberant about a
    theory on water displacement, I went out to my father’s farm and thought I could hold back thousands of gallons of canal water by lifting the wooden water break by using one finger. About 2 hours and several miles later, my dad got ahold of me–and I never believed either my physics professor or classroom theory again.

    At least, Steve, you have ideas. Blessings, rick

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