Welcome Carbon Dioxide*

* If you can’t sing the songs from “Hair” you won’t get it…

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An unnamed co-worker pointed out to me today that if carbon dioxide is to be controlled as a pollutant, then we need to think about our beverages.


2 responses to “Welcome Carbon Dioxide*

  1. OK, a corollary, if we use a lot of CO2 how about creating more O with the byproduct of hydrogen (electrolysis). We seem to have lots of water, bottle the hydrogen and use that for fuel for the cars. That would offset the CO2.

    • Tom,
      The problem is that even when there’s plenty of oxygen, the CO2 is still problematic. Theer’s a great scene in “Apollo 13” where they try to mate the CO2 scrubbers from the lander to the system in the command module.
      Americans have reduced their carbon production but China, Inda and other developing nations have vastly increased. I don’t see adequate international action to reduce carbon production, so the logical solution is to recapture the carbon somehow.
      You have to wonder about small steps: What if everone planted 1 tree or the equivalent (some plankton are voracious CO2 consumers)? What other small steps might there be. (Don’t be surprised if this also shows up in the blog proper!) Steve

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