This Weekend?



This weekend my bride and I were supposed to get away, but a sports induced concussion on our son changed the priorities.

Instead we stayed close to home making sure he progressed and we caught some of our grandson’s baseball tournament. I did some homework for a class I’m taking for work, and Alex, my parrot, got a clean cage and a bath.

This weekend I also discovered that my children NEVER run the fan in their bathroom. This means that with their 7 hour showers, the moisture collects on the ceiling vent and condenses. There are now world class stalactites hanging from the ceiling, a mixture of iron oxide from the steel vent and gypsum from the drywall. The usually paired stalagmites are not present due to the ever constant presence of flotsam and jetsam (dirty clothes) on their floor.

I’m not trying to embarrass my wife. Any parent of teenagers knows exactly what I’m describing and knows this is inevitible. In fact, my Ouija board tells me that Erma Bombeck in the afterlife is shouting, “You go, Guy!”

So, although I was planning on sharing several great philosophical thoughts and queries for deep thinkers, I’m instead distracted by my teenagers’ bathrooms.

If that’s not normal, what is?

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