The Truth About Immigrants

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

In America it has happened over and over. It happened when the Germans came here and the French. The same with the Irish and the Italians.

You’d think we’d learn, but we don’t.

When a group immigrates, they fumble around for a few years, then figure things out; those who have been here a while teach the tricks to the newcomers.

Then it starts.

They get jobs or start businesses. They pay taxes. The latest immigrants are paying social security taxes to fund the baby boomers. They serve in the military. They become citizens. They become friends and neighbors.

It’s got to stop!

2 responses to “The Truth About Immigrants

  1. Rick Martinez

    You’re right, Steve: Contributing Americans aren’t always born here. Emigres, exiles, refugees–have long come from all over the world to America and the very luggage of civilization these persons carry with them often surpass understanding. And rather than a wide welcome and hospitality, America has not always been so cordial, so good or opened-armed, or even Christian in accepting our stranger brethren–even as or especially when these emigres demonstrate their contributions to the higher reaches of mathematics, physics, biology, medicine, art, history, music, business, education, and on and on. Ultimately, though, we find a place for immigrants…or they find a place for themselves–as American everyone.

    What they bring to America most is not larger-than-life abilities, rather an example of what’s possible by ordinary persons who simultaneously meet one’s greatest sorrows and one’s greatest hope. America truly is a history of eclectic, sometimes eccentric and downright quirky, but always constant evolution of “vive la difference!”

    • Rick,
      I take pride in being part of a melting pot. Living, sharing, wearing the uniform with people whose names I have to practice in order to pronounce correctly. I can muddle through Hispanic names, French – mostly okay from my time in Louisiana, Swahili – I have to work at it a bit – but how melodic once you learn.

      How am I supposed to relate to this [fill in the blank]? Yet, Jesus approached the Samaritan woman – a Samaritan! a woman! and a woman of questionable character at that!

      I believe that we are here to embrace, protect and respect one another. The beauty is that those we bless and protect one day will, in turn, bless and protect us another. in the future, when it is our turn to be needy.

      Or, better put, “What goes around, comes around.”

      Blessings, Rick. We need to get together one day soon. I’ve always come to California – time for you to come east.

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