Be Upbeat on 9/11

I’ve promised to be upbeat, and wherever possible, funny, but September 11 is a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, here goes –

  • After the attack, Americans buried their dead, grieved, rebuilt, adjusted, and moved on.
  • No matter what anyone does, no matter how insane or horrible, God’s will is inviolable, and those bent on evil will find that their efforts ultimately fit into God’s plan. There’s a difference between doing evil while shouting “God is great!” and kneeling humbly before God’s greatness.
  • Although only about 2% of Americans are wearing the “cloth of our country” –  I can tell you that I’ve personally seen some of the finest young men and women who ever lived wearing the uniform. More importantly I can sleep peacefully knowing that these are our future leaders, and America’s future is in good hands.
  • Among other nations, I’ve seen commitment to the same core values we hold dear. Politics and diplomacy being what they are, I won’t name names, because it may actually work against them.

Years ago, Bob Townsend advised us that if you found out how to correct pollution for one dollar a state, the worst thing you could do would be to announce your discovery. It’s a damn poor bureaucrat who can’t attack an idea so that even its sponsor is happy to see it dead and buried. The way to succeed is to solve the problem state-by-state and only after it’s done, announce your discovery.

  •  Nevertheless be grateful for those who are “fighting the good fight” by words or deeds. Don’t forget that taking in and caring for refugees is as difficult as headline grabbing actions.

While I may not have shared any chuckles today, there’s a lot to think about that is uplifting and inspirational.

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