Series 800 Terminator

Series 800 Terminator

I’m starting to get the computers back on track. It’s been a bloody battle, but I’ve made progress. I’ve even located my list of contacts, carefully built up over the past ten years and destroyed in one fell swoop by the computer uprising of 2014.

Now that I’m getting things back in order, I’m faced with serious questions about my priorities. My priorities as a person; as an adult; as a citizen.

Do I want to concentrate on learning to play “Why Can’t This Be Love?” on the guitar? Maybe I want to focus on drums, because some days it’s good to come home and hit something with a stick. Or, should I concentrate on converting the Walmart Halloween skull I bought (list price $9.95) into a Series 800 Terminator?

It’s a tough decision, but I’ve already spray painted the skull silver (with flat black low lights), I’ve got the Arduino microcontrollers, and it’s only the head of the Series 800 Terminator, so how dangerous could it be?

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