Black Friday

bfYears ago Art Buchwald wrote a piece that parodied Thanksgiving. If memory serves, one of the Pilgrims, who was in sales and marketing, thought it was a great idea. Start with a big feast to begin “Thunderhead Month,” a month of mad shopping and spending leading up to Christmas.

If only Art could see things today. We’ve exceeded his wildest imagination – and Art Buchwald had a wonderful imaginations.

But beneath the advertisements, and the specials, there is some very real and special magic. The daylight is shorter, the temperatures colder. We stick closer to home and hearth—in other words family. We decorate the house inside and out. Neighbors and passers-by may see the outside, but only family and friends—those near and dear to us get to see the inside. The inside that needs just the right tree with just the right lights and decorations. Everything needs to be perfect for those who are oh so important to us.

You’d almost think that there was a higher power telling us to love one another the way He loves us.

So as you venture out during Thunderhead Month, keep that love in mind when you’ve stood in line just a little too long and the clerk is just a little inattentive and the sale price doesn’t go through. It makes all the difference in the world.

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