The Disappointment of Christmas

Most of us forget that we are spiritual beings on a journey through this material life. I personally forget about it for around sixteen hours each day; the other hours, I’m asleep.

When the Messiah came, people expected someone who would take charge and straighten things out. Lord knows it needed straightening out. The Levant was under military control; the power of the Roman Empire was the only reason that the various tribes weren’t at war, as was the norm. However, the hate was still there, just waiting for the chance.

The rich abused the poor. Innocent people were enslaved, tortured and executed, and most of this was done in the name of one god or another.

“Don’t worry, when the Messiah arrives, He’ll be a brilliant leader; a warrior superior to David and Joshua and a wise leader who would overshadow Solomon,” was the hope.

But Jesus was not that kind of Messiah. Rather than focusing on our “three score and ten” years, he put his efforts toward our eternity.

While His gift of salvation was free, he did give us the dictum to carry on His work—to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

This Christmas Eve the Levant—and the whole rest of the world is still a mess. The rich still abuse the poor. Innocent people are still enslaved, tortured and executed. Great evil is justified as being in the name of one god or another.

But even though we can’t see the big picture, the coming of the Messiah has changed things. While it seems like battles are being lost, we know through faith how things will turn out.

Victory never comes easily or cheaply, but God’s will is paramount.

In the meantime, hang onto your faith, let hope reinforce that these things will happen, and love one another as He loved us.

2 responses to “The Disappointment of Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Steve, to you and your family. You have been given God in your soul and Christ in your flesh. May the Birth of Christ renew your Holy Spirit so that everything you think, say, do, and touch—and everyone with whom you come in contact–be blessed by God. May God give you twice what you wish for others. And may your heart, soul and mind be at wonderful peace in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    Enjoy your blessings…Rick

  2. Rick,
    What a beautiful Christmas blessing.
    Our pastor gave a beautiful homily, which I may have shared in the blog. He told of how, when Christ returned to Heaven, after all the welcoming, the angels asked how He had planned for his work to continue.
    “I left behind a small group of men and women who love me,” was his reply.
    The angels commented that it wasn’t much of a plan; what was his backup?
    “No backup plan. I’m depending on a few men and women who love me.”
    We–those who love him–need to continue his work by, if necessary, showing love to one person at a time. Just one. Then, later in the day, another one. The same for tomorrow and the day after that.
    As I’ve gone through life, I’ve learned such things because of friends like you, or maybe we both learned them together.
    I have a dear friend who’s a Methodist minister. We spent today with his family, as has become a tradition, and participated in his Christmas Eve service. Some Catholics are C&E (Christmas and Easter) Catholics. Me – I’m a Christmas Eve Methodist. It’s funny how the Holy Spirit works.
    In any case, thank you for your contribution to my spiritual journey. You’ve been a wonderful traveling companion.
    I’m sure I’ll slaughter this, but you’ll get the meaning.
    Feliz Navidad.
    Vaya con Dios y Dios vaya con tu.
    Su amigo,

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