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I Heard the Bird on Christmas Day

Alex, the Spirit of Christmas Present

Alex, the Spirit of Christmas Present

Merry Christmas!

In my office/radio/computer/scientific wonders room I have a light for my plants (Currently a couple of Venus Fly Traps and some Shamrocks) that’s on a timer. This is also the room in which Alex the Parrot reigns supreme.

This morning, being Christmas, we slept in just a little; the main advantage of teenagers over toddlers is that they teens love to sleep in—even on Christmas morning,

At 4:00 AM, when the plant light timer clicked on, Alex the Parrot, waited a little while, but by 5:45 AM he was convinced that our lack of activity indicated some type of crisis, so he began to fuss and chatter to wake us up.

So, to paraphrase:

“I heard my bird on Christmas Day,

“”Wake up it’s Christmas morn,’ he’d say.

“And whether born with feathers or skin,

“Share peace on earth, with birds and men.”


At least that’s the way I heard it.