Looking for the Pony

Back to the Future 3 ("Mad Dog" Tannen in a running gag.)

Back to the Future 3
(“Mad Dog” Tannen in a running gag.)

An old story talks about twins, one the ultimate optimist, the other the ultimate pessimist. To try to even them out, one Christmas, the parents gave the pessimist a room filled with ever kind of toy imaginable. His reaction was, “Look at all this junk! They’re going to expect me to put everything away at night. We probably don’t have the right batteries, and most of them will get broken!” The parents realized their idea hadn’t worked.

They then checked on the optimist. To bring his outlook down to a more realistic level, they’d filled the room supposedly containing his gifts with manure. As they walked up to the doorway they saw the optimist happily digging a path through the manure, flinging handfuls in all directions. “What are you doing? They asked in horror.

“If there’s this much horseshit, there’s gotta be a pony!” came the happy reply.

I’ve tried to be more upbeat this year in my posts, but it’s tough and getting tougher. It seems like the world is full of lunatics: terrorists, politicians, celebrities, you name it. In the meantime, the media just feeds on the insanity, stooping (can you stoop when you’re already crawling through the mud?) to new lows in order to find something—anything more shocking than they did yesterday. I heard on the radio today (NPR) that news directors are already dreading the 2016 elections. THEY’RE dreading it? Ha!

All right, people. Let’s get to work. Maybe together we can find the pony.

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