Aches, Pains, and the Universe

When I was young, each injury was a minor inconvenience for a short period of time. As I get older, small injuries impact my ability to do things more and take much, much longer to heal.

I recently was sharing some thoughts with Rick Martinez, one of my oldest friends and a fellow philosopher—and I mean that term sincerely. The discussion was based on Sir Francis Bacon’s thoughts on the philosophical differences between youth and aging. Obviously, there are physical differences as well.

I’ve been fighting one of the bugs my kids have brought home, and instead of being an inconvenience, it has altered my priorities for the last five or six days. Fortunately, it is now passing and I am returning to normal. However, it is yet another reminder that our physical state is temporary.

What does this really mean? Not to be smug, but God only knows. I think it reminds us that not only are we spiritual beings in a physical world, but that we have been put here to contribute what we can while we can to make this a better world.

However, I like the idea that God has charged me personally with making things better. I hope I don’t let Him down.

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