SONY DSCMy in-laws are moving into a retirement home, and we’re helping.

In the business world, there’s an old saying that three moves equals a fire in terms of things that get lost, broken, or whatever.

On a personal basis, I’ve had far too many moves. I tell people that next to leprosy and diarrhea, moving is my favorite thing.

So, although I’d like to write more, I better get ready for the unloading of the truck.

3 responses to “Moving—Yuck!

  1. Oh, Steve, loading and unloading all those boxes, clothing, and perhaps furniture isn’t all that bad–save for the muscular aches and pains afterward.
    Unless…you’re a member of the Martinez family–all of whom are leaders:
    Then it is day of hell!

    Since I am the youngest, I get not only to do all the loading and unloading, but get to hear everyone else order me around how to do this and that, where to place this and that, which boxes and items must be set aside and which must be taken in first–while the leaders in the family are barking out orders watching me sweat my butt off.

    My only consolation is when all the leaders leave and I hurry down to the nearest truck rental place and hire a couple of guys–and by the time the family comes back I’m finished and having a cold beer. Aaahhh!

  2. Steve.
    I Don’t know where you get the stats, yes moving rates up there with stress. When it came to the in-laws moving from Delaware to Florida, I heard the others say what, Then I kindly reminded my in-laws that I was a mover between high school and college. I asked the did the want their possessions damaged or not. and told them how many trucks (26′) it would require.I used the family to bring it in the trucks and I loaded them. They had people in Florida to unload. No damages. I drove the third and final load with the pickup on a trailer in tow. Got to Florida and thank goodness I did not have to unload it. A lot of work but the In-laws were happy that everything arrived safe and sound. But what you didn’t mention is We do this for family not for glory but out of respect. It was great short story though on your part.

    • Tom,
      Alas, I focus on the funny parts. It’s a big adjustment for everybody, and as we work through each level, there are hugs and smiles that we, a family, are getting through this together.

      When my father died he wanted me–just me–to be with him. I think it was an eldest son thing, but it doesn’t matter. We do for family both out of love and out of duty. Not just duty to family, but as one of our ministries to serve God. However, with my in-laws, I will focus on the positive. They are near, we are here for them, for whatever they need. But that same view of the positive inspires me to bring out the bright side, just in case someone else is going through the same thing. Hopefully, in the process, I can make my family feel safe and supported, and let others know that we can smile our way through such experiences.

      Stay in touch and all the very best!

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