My Kind of Girl

Project Runway

Project Runway

In my younger days, I confess that it wasn’t the cheerleaders that caught my interest. Any girl who lusted after the high school quarterback seemed a wee bit shallow.

Working in healthcare, I’ve never once fantasized about being at a late October party with some girl in the “sexy nurse” Halloween costume.

However, I’ve always had a thing for attractive real women who can carry on an intelligent conversation and don’t look like they’ve been airbrushed, Botoxed or Photoshopped.

From time to time, though, through no fault of my own, I come across a news story about top rated fashion models. I have to admit that they totally confuse me.

For some reason, perhaps a quirk in my DNA or a mental aberration, I have never been attracted to extremely skinny women who walk in a particular strange manner and who have a totally vacant expressions as though they are oblivious to the world around them.

One response to “My Kind of Girl

  1. Great post, Steve! Do you remember Cynthia Stout…the Forensic Psychologist who went to dinner with us when you came into LA some years ago? She is one of those “good” and wonderful persons I believe you’re talking about. If I recall correctly, you, her and myself–when I could get a word in–sure enjoyed an all-evening conversation about everything and nothing.

    What about the flip side: Do the “attractive real women” enjoy the vigor of fun, dynamic, intelligent conversation men like yourself are known for? Or,
    like most “arts” of the past, is conversation an abbreviated form of small-talk like email, i.e., BTW, LOL, etc.?

    Social conformity is something else these days, Steve. A colleague recently set me up with MY alma mater’s university professor (tenured in English no less) and she called me “dude,” and her cell phone rang and she answered
    it–which is when I asked for the tab. Perhaps I just struck out? She was sort-of gorgeous.

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