Catching Up?

Six Million Dollar Man COL Steve Austin

Six Million Dollar Man
COL Steve Austin

I’m just finishing up a higher education endeavor that has taken over a year—around life, family, job, reality, and whatever. This means I now am looking forward to some time for pursuits of my own.

Of, course there’s the upcoming cataract evaluation, hearing aid fitting, etc.

I guess that makes me the six million dollar man (at scratch and dent, close-out prices), only instead of looking like Steve Austin, My appearance is closer to Wilford Brimley.

That’s okay, because Brimley has a more interesting voice; besides, Lee Majors (for you youngsters, the actor who played “The Six Million Dollar Man”) is twelve years older than I am. He’s going through the same or worse.

While Lee and Wilford have been haggling with their agents over endorsements for embarrassing products needed by old guys, I’ve taken a few computers apart and fixed them. I’ve helped out a few folks on various projects. I’ve helped my kids get ready for some summer events. I got my new grill set up.

Each of these accomplishments has pleased me more than any of the fictional heroics seen on television.

But I do still like Wilford Brimley’s voice.

3 responses to “Catching Up?

  1. I wear hearing aids and glasses….just sayin. 🙂

  2. I have the glasses but am looking into the hearing aid. I’m younger than you. Although the bionic eyes (Lenses) are being developed in England, The article I read said about 2 years to market,.

    • Hey, I love dogs, but mine is not geared to guide me around, so I need to see and hear as well as technology will allow! My dog thinks I’m his personal butler to feed him and drive him around. I (and this is true) got a special cover so he wouldn’t shred my leather seats–it was my father’s car, which he wanted me to have. For short trips, I put him in the backseat, LEAVE THE CAR AND AIR CONDITIONING RUNNING while I’m in the store, and provide him with a bowl of water.
      Go figure.

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