Thomas Edison or Doc Brown?

The inimitable Christopher Lloyd as "Doc Brow" in Back to the Future

The inimitable Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in Back to the Future

I am absolutely fascinated by technology—every time I revel in the fact that I’ve learned something, I find that there is something far more interesting to learn.

I’m frequently soldering or connecting different pieces together to [fill in the blank here]. I’ve created, copied, or modified dozens of circuits, but as quickly as I build something, the next generation is available.

Thomas Edison found “a thousand ways NOT to make a lightbulb”, before he found the correct way.

Doc Brown, from Back to the Future, declared with delight that, “I finally invented something that works!”

It’s really the same—so I may be an Edison, or I may be a Doc Brown. It doesn’t matter—I’ll continue to experiment and attempt to learn. Who knows; in the process, I just might invent something that works!

2 responses to “Thomas Edison or Doc Brown?

  1. …and that’s why we love you, Steve!

  2. Steve, I really enjoy your thoughts and writing. After I bust up in hilarious orbit for a few minutes, I get back to my eccentric, non-humorous self–
    and start drawing parallels between YOU and Rod Serling, and how “life really does imitate art.”

    For example, behind every successful person are a lot of successful surprises…after many unsuccessful experiments and unsuccessful years.
    Imagine if more people “experimented” with their imagination, intuition, and especially their dreams. We may or may not invent something, yet it is almost certain we will “discover or reveal” something.

    Great post, Steve. Thank you. Continued Blessings…rick

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