Daily Archives: August 23, 2015


Now that I’ve got your attention—or so the old marketing trick went.

But as long as it has come up, I would like to point out that I really don’t care about your sexual preferences, gender identification, your Who’s Who of partners, etc.

Why does the news media think these things are so newsworthy?

I don’t care that Bruce Jenner is now a female, although it might be testimony to what happens when you spend your life amongst a brood of Kardashians.

I don’t care about Bradley Manning becoming Chelsea—except for the fact that my tax dollars are paying for his surgeries, drugs, etc.

Same thing goes for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people. If a nice couple who happen to be (pick one) moved in next door, they’d be neighbors. Just another couple, but I don’t discuss sexual issues with any of my current neighbors, nor do I expect that I ever will. Incidentally, with LGBT wouldn’t you think that this would be one group who would have avoided putting “ladies first?”

I really don’t think it’s breaking news that Bill Cosby is accused of sexual predation for incidents that occurred twenty or thirty years ago. One would think that a wealthy comic and actor would not have needed to resort to date rape drugs, but you never know. However, news means NEW—not decades old.

So, please keep your preferences, proclivities, and personal issues to yourself. If these are the most important things people should know about you, you must be a very sad, pathetic, boring person.