Happy 2016

First, I did not stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop, the groundhog, the meteor showers, the rain, or anything else.

Young people think, “Let’s party! Who needs sleep!”

As we age we begin to balance our decisions with, “Party, sleep, party, sleep? Let’s go to the party, but we can leave early and blame it on the babysitter.”

When you get to be my age it’s, “Hey! I can get to bed early, and sleep late—all the way until 7:00 AM!”

In other news, I have a January tradition of writing the wrong year on checks. At work we’ve been in fiscal year 2016 for a number of months so I started to think that we were headed to 2017. I now have two (2015 and 2017) possible wrong years to write on my checks! Fortunately, electronic bill paying helps alleviate this.

I spent today reconfiguring antennas on my car. This is the adult geek male equivalent of changing purses, only requiring more tools and getting dirtier. I’m almost done. Tomorrow I’ll test them and see if anything works better than it did before. Wish me luck!

6 responses to “Happy 2016

  1. Steve: No matter what time you go to bed, what year you think it is, how much older YOU get than me, or how much prosperity you enjoy this New Year–you and I will always be good friends. And I will always pray that our Lord bless you and your family with continued goodness, even more love, faith and hope, and God’s amazing grace…His “wonder-full” favor. And I say this with lots of love and admiration. Your friend,–rick

    • It’s amazing how friendship pays no attention to time or distance. Perhaps it has evolved just a little further than we have. Blessings for this and all the years to come.
      Su amigo y hermano,

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  3. Steve, I heard you the other day with your new antenna and it sounds great. I need to get out put up my dipole so I can get on the HF bands now that I have my General license…my wife got me a Yaesu FT857D for Christmas!

    • Shawn,
      Still fighting a few antenna gremlins, but getting closer. You should love the XYL’s gift–I’m usually all Kenwood, but I love my Yaesu FT-1000 HF rig. Happy New Year!

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