Shreveporting Redux

I’ve probably mentioned “Shreveporting” in the past.


About twenty years ago, my job took me to Shreveport, LA on a periodic basis. I tended to stay at a clean but modest hotel that had a reasonable restaurant. However, after dinner, when I returned to my room and turned on the television, there were only about a dozen channels of which four were shopping channels and five were ESPN (and I don’t follow sports). I found that I’d lean on the remote, hoping that some new and interesting channel would suddenly appear. It never did. I called this futile search, “Shreveporting.”


Today, at home with about 900 cable channels, I don’t actually sample each channel since there’s a guide available; I Shreveport the guide, but I have no more luck today then I did twenty years ago.


With the presidential political season in full swing (our primary is tomorrow), I have moved my Shreveporting to the computer. I keep checking different sites, hoping to see a different selection of politicians. So far, no luck.


I never thought I’d hear myself say, “Except for that Vietnam thing, maybe Johnson wasn’t so bad after all. Sure, Nixon had his flaws, but who doesn’t?”


Hmmmm, I wonder what Buchanan was like.

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