Backwards News

CNN is running a story “CNN Exclusive: ‘Trump is a bully,’ says man who rushed stage.” The story continues with an extensive interview of the protestor.

Love or hate Trump, why are they giving the perpetrator of in inappropriate action the spotlight? Could there be a little bias? What if other events had been handled similarly?

Lincoln Destroyed the South!” claims John Wilkes Booth, ambushed and gunned down by federal troops. (Sorry, no interview—Booth is dead).

Pilots Suffer during Operation in Tropical Paradise!” In an exclusive interview, Captain Mitsuo Fuchida explains the suffering he and his pilots endured during Operation Z. “As we torpedoed or bombed the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the noise of the explosions was terrifying! It made my ears ring, and I couldn’t hear a thing for hours. Even as the American ships were sinking, they persisted in shooting at us. It was terrible. Getting shot hurts!”

Secret Service Nearly Kills Heartsick Man.” John Hinckley, Jr. was violently grabbed, thrown to the grown and nearly killed by US Secret Service agents today merely because he shot President Ronald Reagan. Reagan was taken to surgery and is expected to make a full recovery, but Mr. Hinckley’s future is nowhere near as bright. In our exclusive interview, Mr. Hinckley pleads, “Jodie Foster! I need you!”



2 responses to “Backwards News

  1. Excellent, provocative post, Steve. And while I really do think Trump is a bully, I also believe there is “powerful and even slanderous bias” in the media these days. However, because the so-called “journalists” have lost their professionalism, they have also lost sight of one major quality of the audience they are losing: Sensitivity.

    Sensitivity is the fundamental part of all of us that allows us to be touched by goodness, insight and discernment. It’s the mechanism that provides us with an internal warning signal that lets us know when we’re in situations that may be hazardous to our intellectual, emotional or spiritual health. As we grow in our understanding and practice of self care, our sensitivity level rises and we pay closer attention to what we need to feed our inner self.

    It reminds me of a college debate I had at Oxford in which I argued the society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because philosophy is an exalted activity– will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.

    Media bias also reminds me of my daughters when they were in high school: They admonished me not to use “Catholic guilt” to make them study over the weekend. So, I came up with “intelligent regret” for them to decide to do things differently and not look back later in life in dismay… that it’s important that we all recognize vividly and poignantly–every falling away from virtue–against one’s own nature–records itself in our subconscious and makes us not like ourselves later on in life.

    We each–as responsible human “be-ings” and as professionals–must get the facts right and take complete control over the messages we espouse, for there are only two freedoms: The false where we are free to do what we “like,” and the true where we are free to do what we “ought.”

    Sooner or later, we will shall be followed and judged on that.

  2. The beauty of discourse is that the response, whether in agreement or not, may be better than the original statement, or in certain special cases, it is the combination of the two proves powerful.
    We still work well together.

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