Daily Archives: March 27, 2016


It’s Easter morning, the holiest day among Christians, commemorating Jesus resurrection from the dead. It’s unbelievable, but it’s a matter of faith, although it is, in fact, a fact.

Some people believe that Christians merely co-opted pagan spring fertility rituals; if so, it was coincidental, serendipity, or Divine intervention. Jesus’ death took place around the Jewish feast of Passover, which like Ramadan, is predictable from year to year, although Passover always takes place in the spring.

Jesus was different. People wanted, and He had the power to be a great political and military leader, but he chose a very different path. Often, rather than solving a problem by Himself, he insisted (and still insists) that His followers take the lead. When the crowd followed and his disciples urged Him to send them away so they could get something to eat, he told them to feed them. Since all they had was a small amount of bread and a few fish, He helped by making that small amount be more than enough, but only after they started the process.

Father Bryan told a story last year that I love, even if it is allegorical fiction.

When Jesus returned to heaven, all of the angels welcomed him back with great enthusiasm, asking Him many questions about his experiences on earth. Finally one angel stepped up to ask THE question, “After all your work, what’s your plan for keeping it going?”

“I’ve left a small group of men and women who love me to continue my work,” Jesus replied. The angel was so shocked that he blurted out his reaction.

“That’s not much of plan. What’s your backup plan?”

“No backup plan,” Jesus replied. “Just a small group of people who love me.”