I think I’m being stalked. I keep getting weird telephone calls; it happens all the time, but increases during the time when politicians are campaigning.

My telephone displays the name of the person calling, which is very handy. For example, when my kids’ school calls, I know it’s best not to answer because there may be information I need to keep. By letting the message be recorded, I can replay the message, write down names and numbers correctly, and rewind if it’s too fast or unclear.

The dude (or dudette) that’s stalking me goes by a single name. I don’t know if it’s the first name or the last name, but every call comes up as “Unavailable.”

I’ve tried answering once or twice, but there’s no one on the line when I pick up the

3 responses to “Stalked!

  1. I’m lucky and perhaps fortunate, Steve. A Mexican, tequila-drinking friend taught me this drunken philosophy: “If money is a problem and we have no money–then we have no problems.” So at the very least, I know no bill collector is calling me. And with this “no money” philosophy, the RNC never call me for donations, instead I always get “someone” who actually “talks” and to whom I can talk back and give either reason or excuse for why I cannot go door to door campaigning for Republican candidates: I become like the Mexican version of Fred Sanford (of Sanford & Son fame) and feign
    arthritis– or how the “BIG ONE” is coming on.

    But here’s my biggie. My official name is Andrew Richard. when I was about 5years old my dad used to take all of us brothers to Wrestling, and I loved this wrestler by the name of Ricky Tricky Star. So I renamed myself RICK…and it stuck. So today when I pick up the phone–if I ever do–I say “Rick Martinez.” The caller says “May I speak with Andrew Martinez?” And, I say, “Who’s calling?”

    If I wish to talk to them, I do. If I do not, I say, “Sorry, he’s not in.”

    How’s that for a firewall from a guy who continues to be a cybernaut (not) and still refuses to own a cellphone?

  2. Same here.Also their side kick,”There is nothing wrong with your credit card but you needs to talk to our operator to get lower interest rates. Always fun to be awakened by those calls. Answering machine, we don’t need no answering machine.I don’t ever check it, came with verison!.😕

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