Choosing a Subject

Today, let’s discuss politics

Some bathrooms are designed

With having my blog, I’ve considered my own server

I like to play music because the relaxation may help me live longer. Look at professional musicians

It’s spring! Let’s enjoy the sunshine, except for the risk of melanoma and climate change

I’ve always enjoyed Pink Floyd, especially their greatest album, The Wall

Has political correctness gone too far?

We just had our local elections


It’s not that I’ve had writer’s block, it’s just that most topics have just gotten, for lack of a better word, too icky. So, I’m working on a serious piece, and still working on that story I mentioned earlier. Today I put together a number documents that might be helpful to the radio operators in the event of a hurricane—after all we’ve had about four years of relative peace and quiet. So, alas, I have not been parked in front of the television being mindlessly entertained.

On the other hand, I read lots of fascinating things: National Geographic’s take on life and death; Popular Science’s interview with President Obama, which I thoroughly enjoyed; Wired’s coverage of computer security—which I would have enjoyed, but they take a fascinating article and print it in weird fonts, low contrast inks and hinky graphics. That takes all the fun out of it.

So I’ll try to come up with something that is intellectually stimulating, but not controversial, that respects diversity, individual preferences, and is, of course, politically correct. Therefore, you can look forward to my exciting coverage on

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2 responses to “Choosing a Subject

  1. Steve,
    I think it’s time to discuss the virtues of relaxing and playing ham radio to wind down.

  2. Rick Martinez

    Or, Steve, you can simply write about what you know best: When we love something, we care about it, we also care for it, and we are careful with it.

    And this something can be anything, someone—even ourselves.

    I was speaking with a colleague a couple days ago who was a bit down on herself because she “thinks” she is a failure. We all know there is a difference between “failing” and a failure: The former is a process, while the latter is a result. Failing people who were once successful usually have heart and passion, but lose their purpose, vision and dreams. Their past success is proof they have skill, talents, abilities and qualities. And past behavior is also the best indicator of future behavior. The reason they are failing is they are over-thinking and not using the basics: They are neither doing things right or doing the right things. They are going through the motions but have forgotten how they’ve always won: They CARE their way to always doing more than is required.

    The human experience. We all walk the same road. And few persons can write about it better than you, Steve.

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