A Good Day

Today, I figured out a few technical issues that had me perplexed. Nothing major, mind you, things like rejuvenating an older—but perfectly functional laptop. I use that particular computer for programming various pieces of radio equipment. These programs have a tendency to conflict with so-called “normal” programs, so I don’t want to put them on my other computers. That was a relief. However, I’m finding that I have various computers that are specifically dedicated to a particular task. Remember when one DOS computer could do it all?

I decided how I’m going to handle some of the administrivia issues for the radio operators’ assignments in the event of a hurricane or whatever. Who’s who; who goes where; and, who does what.

I was successful in getting my clock set to Greenwich Mean Time, now known as UTC based on the French for “Universal Coordinated Time,” or “Zulu” time and connected it to the temperature sensor. This had all been working before, but the outdoor sensor, carefully located where it SHOULDN’T get wet, did. It became a mass of non-functioning corrosion. This meant I had to replace the sensor, and resetting everything with a new sensor was not exactly plug-and-play.

Nevertheless, I made forward progress.

That’s a good day, thank you.

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