Breaking News!

The world as we know it ended yesterday with the exit of Great Britain from the European Union . . .

Wait! This just handed to me. I’m sorry, but apparently the world as we knew it actually ended ten years ago due to global warming.

No, wait! This just in. Apparently the world ended when several states made recreational marijuana legal, but they apparently forgot to mention it.

I do apologize, but we have a retraction to make. The previous stories were all in error. The world as we knew it ended with the emergence of hippies . . . no? Beatniks? Flappers? Sooners? Abolitionists? Independence advocates? Protestants? The fall of the Roman Empire?

Well, there you have it. The world has quite obviously ended, although the cause has not yet been determined.

And now for something completely different[i]

Today is Ham Radio Field Day, when amateur radio operators all over the western hemisphere are invited to simulate how they would operate after a major disaster. Stations are set up with a number of transmitters in an undeveloped site, such as a park. None of this may begin more than 24 hours in advance. At 2:00 PM Eastern Time, these stations will begin operating around the clock. Tomorrow, by 6:00 PM Eastern, everything must be taken down and the park or other location returned to its previous condition.

Given that the world has either ended, is ending, or is about to end, this may be a good capability to have.

Next, an interesting story about several butchers’ aprons.

[i] With apologies to John Cleese, Monty Python, the BBC; however, considering that the world has ended, this may not be necessary.

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