Violent Extremists

Who are these people?

Pathetic little nobodies who are unable to succeed at anything of consequence; they lack critical thinking skills, so they are easily swayed by others. Their personalities are seriously warped—sociopaths who are unable to perceive the value of others, especially women. Many are either not employed or in a near-minimum-wage job.


But if they commit a horrific act, they will be on the front page of every newspaper, and plastered all over the internet news sites. Their names will be read and heard around the world along with every picture the media can find. Their wife, ex-wives, mistresses, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, and anyone else who knew them will be interviewed and will tell, “He was a quiet man. This is most surprising.” I suspect that statements like, “He was an absolute idiot without a brain in his head and he had terrible personal hygiene so he stunk all the time,” get edited out.

It’s a fool’s dream to think that the media will change, so this craziness will continu.

But what if, think about it, what if the headlines read 84 Killed in Nice France by an Insignificant Loser?

One response to “Violent Extremists

  1. Rick Martinez

    Steve, there is a bible scripture that says “Upon this rock I shall I build my Church.” Jesus was talking about rock of faith of Peter (petros meaning rock). Thus, Peter was the first Pope or spiritual leader of the Catholic (meaning universal) Church.

    Muhammad was the first Caliph or spiritual leader of the Moslems, but since then there never been one leader for all Moslems to watch over and symbolize the unity of Islam (Shi’a and Sunni Muslims), as a complete religious, political, and moral way of life (sunnah) that is destined, by Allah, to “rule the world” in accordance with what was revealed to Muhammad (the Koran) and in imitation of the prophetic traditions of Muhammad’s own life (the Hadith). This search for this one leader to unite all Moslems–and to rule the world under Sharia law–is what we see today as their Caliphate.

    Imagine George Patton firing up his American troops to go into battle. He was brilliant orator, as he had the power of words and the ability of speech to rally and influence the mind and emotions of his men with reason and purpose.

    Now take a look below at how might an ISIS leader stir the minds and emotions of his faithful Islamic jihadists:

    There is no deed at this time better than jihad in the path of Allah, so go forth, O mujahidin [guerrilla fighters against non-Muslims] in the path of Allah. Terrify the enemies of Allah and seek death in the places where you expect to find it, for the dunyā [worldly life] will come to an end, and the hereafter will last forever….

    Take up arms, take up arms, O soldiers of the Islamic State! And fight, fight!…For your brothers all over the world are waiting for your rescue, and are anticipating your brigades….they are waiting for you…. Muslims today have a loud, thundering statement, and possess heavy boots. They have a statement that will cause the world to hear and understand the meaning of terrorism, and boots that will trample the idol of nationalism, destroy the idol of democracy and uncover its deviant nature….

    Listen, O ummah [the entire community] of Islam. Listen and comprehend. Stand up and rise. For the time has come for you to free yourself from the shackles of weakness, and stand in the face of tyranny, against the treacherous rulers – the agents of the crusaders [Christians] and the atheists, and the guards of the Jews.

    O ummah of Islam, indeed the world today has been divided into two camps and two trenches, with no third camp present: The camp of Islam and faith, and the camp of kufr [disbelief] and hypocrisy – the camp of the Muslims and the mujahidin everywhere, and the camp of the Jews, the crusaders, their allies, and with them the rest of the nations and religions of kufr, all being led by America and Russia, and being mobilized by the Jews.

    Indeed Muslims were defeated after the fall of their khilāfah [the Ottoman caliphate]. Then our state ceased to exist, so the disbelievers were able to weaken and humiliate us Muslims, dominate us in every region, plunder our wealth and resources, and rob us of our rights. They accomplished this by attacking and occupying our lands, placing their treacherous agents in power to rule us Muslims with an iron fist, and spreading dazzling and deceptive slogans such as: civilization, peace, co-existence, freedom, democracy, secularism, baathism, nationalism, and patriotism, among other false slogans….

    Terrorism is to worship Allah as He ordered you. Terrorism is to refuse humiliation, subjugation, and subordination [to the kuffār – infidels]. Terrorism is for the Muslim to live as a Muslim, honorably with might and freedom. Terrorism is to insist upon your rights and not give them up….

    O Muslims everywhere, expect good. Raise your head high, for today – by Allah’s grace – you have a state and khilāfah [Caliphate], which will return your dignity, might, rights, and leadership. It is a state where the Arab and non-Arab, the white man and black man, the easterner and westerner are all brothers. It is a khilāfah that gathered the Caucasian, Indian, Chinese, Shāmī, Iraqi, Yemeni, Egyptian, Maghribī [North African], American, French, German, and Australian. Allah brought their hearts together…

    So all praise and thanks are due to Allah. Therefore, rush O Muslims to your state. Yes, it is your state. Rush, because Syria is not for the Syrians, and Iraq is not for the Iraqis. Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah. The State is a state for all Muslims.

    Steve, neither the Muslim leaders nor their jihadist faithful are stupid, crazy, uneducated or unassimilated. They are brainwashed. Here’s how we know. Man never does evil so completely (and even cheerfully) as when it is done from religious conviction. Moreover, martyrdom has always been a proof of the intensity–never of the correctness–of a belief.

    So, the question is not how we put these people in the headlines, rather how we eradicate them. I believe the answer is to look back to the Crusades.

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