Daily Archives: July 25, 2016

Peopled Out

Like most introverts, from time to time I get peopled out, and for introverts “people” includes pets—after all, we count them as family, so they’re pseudo-people.

Regardless of what we introverts do for a living, there’s a huge difference between what we do, and who we are. There are the roles that we play to earn a paycheck—doctor, lawyer, assistant manager at Radio Shack or whatever. We interact with others according to the expectations of the job. However, at the end of the day, in order to recharge, we introverts withdraw and seek solitude.

I don’t see any reason that actors can’t be introverts, although since I don’t know any actors, I can’t prove that.

Simon and Garfunkel sang, “I have my books and my poetry to protect me.” In my case, it’s technical articles and a soldering iron.

Oddly, there seems to be a heightened chance of being peopled out around the time of the political conventions, but it’s probably coincidental.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against people, in fact, some of my best friends are people. However, people like me better when I’m recharged.

I’m going rename my office/radio room/workbench as my laboratory. So, if you’ll excuse me, I shall now retire to my laboratory. Alone. To recharge.