Kids are Gross!

Not to mention expensive and time consuming.

However, they’re best at being gross. How do I know this?

I was once a kid.

Some of the songs and commercials we parodied included:

Bosco—a chocolate flavoring. We corrupted their commercial so that it was poison, but we “fooled momma and put it in her tea. Now there’s no more momma to try and poison me!”

Funerals—It started with “When you see a hearse go by . . .” and ended up with a disgusting description of post-burial events; the last line was “Then you have supper for the dead!”

Today’s disgusting behavior is more web-based, but other than that, not so different from when I was growing up. Therefore, I have no choice but to accept that.

Now if I could find a cure for the expensive and time consuming parts, I’d be happy.

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