Too Tough for Me

The best blogs are, in my opinion edgy satires to elicit laughs (cheap or otherwise—it doesn’t matter). However, given the state of affairs today, that’s just about impossible. That’s the main reason that I haven’t been writing as often.

Depression is anger turned inward; aggression is anger turned outward. Humor is supposed to be anger turned sideways, but in today’s world, the outrageous is not satire, it is, instead, normal. If I were to satirize today’s world the ridiculous would include:

  • Elected officials who run for office to work for the common good, then return to their regular lives.
  • An internet that does not permit trolls to anonymously abuse everyone and every thing.
  • Moral values that emphasize family and service to others.
  • Leaders who build businesses that create jobs, contribute to the common good, and reward the entrepreneurs for their ingenuity and effort.

Alas, none of those scenarios are funny. So instead of writing satire, I’m working on a dystopian story in which the protagonist is dead—more or less. You’ll have to hope that I finish the story someday and share it, if you want to know what that means. (Although I have toyed with the idea of publishing it in serial format, just as Sherlock Holmes was serialized in The Strand mystery magazine, but I just don’t see a demand.*)

The more-or-less dead guy story is not funny, but it’s better than any current events I have to work with for the blog.

* But, then again, if I had an illustrator like Sidney Paget, I might reconsider. He helped bring Doyle bring Holmes to life.

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