That’s Where They Are!

Like many Americans, you may be snookered into believing that all of the con artists are in politics, real estate, insurance, or finance—especially given the headlines these days. Ha! Don’t be fooled!

First, let me explain; I was a single parent when my one son was in high school; his high school friends would come over one night a week for dinner. Let me put this into perspective— was a Navy Supply Corps Officer, trained to feed the crew of an aircraft carrier (think 5,000 teenagers who don’t have immediate access to smartphones or videogames). I know how to cook under the most challenging of circumstances. After almost 20 years of marriage, even though my wife handles many of the meals, I still cook things involving fish, a wok, or anything that can be cooked outside. During July and August, that involves far more than in November. Let’s just say that when it comes to cooking, I can still hold my own.

Therefore, when I read the syndicated columnists that tell how easy it is to clean a pumpkin, well, let’s just say I’m skeptical. Their advice on how to peel a pomegranate—nature’s answer to the fragmentation grenade—I smell a rat. I grill vegetables, but there’s a reason that neither God the Father, nor His Son mentioned Brussel sprouts in either testament of the Bible, so don’t tell me they are wonderful on the grill.

Then, when some “expert” publishes an article about how to deep fry a turkey without an explosion and fire that exceeds the damage of both the Chicago and San Francisco fires, I know I’m being played for a fool.

You want con artists, sleazy individuals, and outright cheats? The cooking blogs are where to find them.

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