Daily Archives: November 15, 2016

Bathroom Humor

If there really was a right way and a wrong way to hang toilet paper, wouldn’t they make the roll and hardware so it would only fit the correct way?

Likewise, wouldn’t the toilet seat automatically return to the “proper and correct” position on its own?

When the sign in the restroom says “Employees must wash hands before returning to work” does that apply only to the employees of that particular establishment or does it mean everyone who is employed anywhere?

How is it that we can fit computers into the palm of our hands but we can’t design a paper towel dispenser that provides a reasonable sized, unshredded paper towel?

Is it fair to expect people to learn how to use their feet to adjust the bathtub faucets on their own? As a critical life skill, shouldn’t it be part of the public-school curriculum?

In the twenty-first century, why do plumbing repairs demand brute strength or sweating (soldering) copper pipes? Why don’t we just have snap-in modules?

And finally,

If the invisible man used a modern public restroom, would the automatic toilet, faucet and soap dispenser work? If not, how would an invisible MacGyver handle it?