A Little Craziness to Pass the Time of Day

The healthcare industry, recently in the news for egregious price increases, is reportedly spending hundreds of million dollars. Reports are that there are up to six lobbyists for every legislator in Washington. Estimates are that they are spending $300 million to $400 million on lobbyists. Add to that the nearly $60 billion (that’s billion with a “B” as in $60,000,000,000) they spend on advertising). Reportedly they allocate $61,000 per physician for marketing purposes. The money put into advertising is almost double (1.82 times) the amount spent on research and development.

So, ask your doctors if payments and swag from big pharmaceutical companies is right for them.

Steven Segal—trained in the martial arts and one time “actor” in action films—was recently granted Russian citizenship and a Russian passport by Vladimir Putin. Chuck Norris would not only say “No,” but “Hell no!”

Horoscopes in the newspaper are often headlined, “If You Were Born Today.” But, if you actually were born today, wouldn’t you be too young to be able to read?

Now back to our regular crazy world already in progress?

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