At times, I feel a bit old because I prefer 1960-1980 Rock and Roll music. I like movies made during same time—or earlier, particular the classic Hammer horror films. Maybe I like stability—or worse, the status quo.

Today’s world does confuse me in some ways. For example, I’m befuddled by the fact that “Survivor” has been on television as long as my younger son (now in college) has been alive. Yes, I know some soap operas and game shows have been on longer and the Simpsons show is practically an institution. At least Star Trek has had a half-dozen, or so, recastings.

I’ve been using computers for 47 years and owned at least one computer since about 1980, so I’m neither a Neanderthal (well, not full blooded, anyway) nor a Luddite. However, my fit into this world is not like it once was, and I can’t explain exactly why.

While it’s true that I can’t grab a chainsaw and cut up a fallen tree anymore—much less split the wood with an axe, that isn’t a deep regret. My thinking may be slower, but it’s also more deliberate. After all, I now have data based on years of experience and even a bit of wisdom that I never considered in my younger days.

So what does that make me?

I’m vintage, like the muscle cars from my high school years or one of Mozart’s Concertos.

Like fine wine and cheese, one year’s results will be quite different from another. I like to think that I would be described as “Bold yet subtle, with a wonderfully complicated blend of flavors; this requires a connoisseur’s palate to appreciate—the millennials and Gen-Xers will undoubtedly not be able to appreciate the complexity. Although quite interesting, should be allowed to age even longer which should enhance the mellowness.”

Yeah, I can live with that.

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