What a Day

We moved at work yesterday into smaller cubicles with no storage space and virtually no sound control. The idea was to use “collaboration rooms” for discussions. They forgot most of the collaboration rooms.

In the meantime, Human Resources unveiled a new performance system that is based on lots of collaboration and sharing of ideas to break down the “stovepipes” that separate the people working on different parts of the same overall goal.

From now on, whenever I cut a board too short, forget an appointment, get the paint for the wall on the ceiling, or commit some other human frailty, I won’t sweat it. I can’t compete with the professionals, so I need to accept my limitations. That will give me more time to focus on activities that make me smile.

So today—smile! At worst, it makes people think you’re up to something.

One response to “What a Day

  1. Hola Steve: Aren’t management changes of environment and culture from top down fun?

    Did I ever tell you how LUCKY I was as a young practitioner? In the old days, the most qualified “medical clinician” was made the director–irrespective of managerial, leadership or business skills. I was sent to be the “director” of this fledging Medical Center. Here’s what I learned:

    Organizational “ministries” are like giant oil tankers: It takes a long time to turn them around. What’s needed is lots of little speedboats to show how things can be done differently.

    Leaders can only create change from the bottom–if the orders come from the top, the GOAL will resist.

    Selfishness beats altruism within groups. Altruistic groups beat selfish groups. Everything else is commentary.

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