Daily Archives: January 15, 2017

But of Course—Selfies!

I purchased an inexpensive tablet to use for ham radio communications (APRS and MT63 for those who are curious). When I say inexpensive, I mean a refurbished discontinued model, but still adequate for my purposes. There’s just one problem.

Every time I turn it on, it immediately goes into camera mode, with the camera aimed at me. This is unsatisfactory for two reasons:

1. I rarely use camera mode on a tablet. Being a 21st Century Luddite, I use an honestly real digital camera. It has something to do with quality pictures.

2. I put myself through school photographing weddings. Although income was the primary reason, additionally:

  • When friends got married, I never had to rent a tux, host a bachelor party, etc.
  • I hate having my picture take, and being behind the camera helps ensure very few pictures with me in it.

At first I was confused—why was it set up this way?

You know how when you see something frequently, you tend not to see it at all until you stop and think.

I stopped, thought, and turned my head toward my teenage daughter, She laughed loudly and took another selfie.

I told you I was a Luddite.