Daily Archives: January 16, 2017

Dr. Martin Luther King

Today is set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unfortunately, few people really know much about Dr. King.

He made a difference—the beginning of change, but change is a process, and the change he inspired is continuing, but nowhere near complete. The change process feels agonizingly slow and many grow frustrated.

Unfortunately, real change—especially important change—takes time. Healthy babies take about nine months. Evolution takes eons. Only television programs provide almost instantaneous answers—not reality.

Like a garden, change will grow at its own pace regardless of our need or desires. No farmer, no megacorporate farming conglomerate, no Nobel winning scientist can shorten the growing season. Plant in the spring, fertilize, irrigate, hope, and pray; if everything is right, you will harvest in the fall, when the crop is ripe. You cannot harvest any earlier.

Dr. King cleared and plowed the field. He was a major contributor to the planting. The crop is growing. We don’t know when the harvest will occur, but we must tend the garden to ensure that the change will grow and eventually yield the results that he hoped for.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not a mythical, perfect being. He was a human being with flaws—just like you and me. Nevertheless, in the face of challenges, hatred, bigotry, violence, his own human nature, and eventually his assassination, he pressed on and made a difference. He had a dream, and he tried to make that dream a reality.

How many of us are willing to do the same? Take time to learn from Dr. King.