Why Haven’t I Been Blogging?

The sun was in my eyes.

My suit was at the cleaners.

My car wouldn’t start.

Friends dropped in from out of town.

My car was stolen.

. . . with apologies to Jake Blues . . . .

Actually, I’ve been working on my story, and my day job, and my kids—but the story is my main excuse.

The problem with being a writer who is later taught how to edit is that it forces one to keep going back and rewriting, then reviewing, then rewriting, etc.

HOWEVER- – – – – – I think it’s getting better.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share it in my mortal lifetime.

Cross your fingers.

One response to “Why Haven’t I Been Blogging?

  1. There is a real difference between an excuse and a reason, much like there is a difference between enemies and opposites, or how schooling can take away our creative ability to write because we want our work to be perfectly “edited” vs. how we write with passion–irrespective of editing–to share a message that must heard.

    How do we help ourselves–and perhaps the generation after us–solve the mystery of “me?” Life and living are neither a mystery waiting to be solved, or a mistake needing to be corrected. Living a fulfilled life with clarity as to who we are and what we are impassioned to do need not be angst. It can simply be a journey of discovery when guided by openness and enthusiasm
    to what makes us come alive…because what the world needs is people who have come alive with enthusiasm for life and living.

    A great writer is a simple writer, an art that is not reproducible nor replace-able by any other medium. At the best, excellent writers are not only “content,” they are vision. They inspire us to think and most of all to be curious and to imagine. Imagine that. We can travel to places we aren’t likely to visit, meet people we are not likely to meet, learn about a topic we have not wondered about–but there we are, reading about it, because a writer has delivered it to our eyes and packaged it in such a way we wind up enlightened, amused or even outraged. We may have not ever, not even once, thought about beauty, but the image brought on by “words fitly spoken” by a writer speaks volumes about the beauty of aspiration, possibility, desire, outcome. Writing is not easy, but it is SIMPLE…and must be made and kept simple.

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