Where’s My Computer?

We have about seven laptop and three desktop computers in this house, three tablets (that I know of), and one smartphone per person (not counting the older versions that people refuse to part with). Current residency is two adults, one high schooler, two cats, one dog, a parrot, and from time to time a college student—who brings his own computer(s) and smartphone.

I haven’t written in the last few days because my daughter is doing one part of her drivers’ education class online, therefore she’s using my laptop. Why? There are several possibilities:

  1. My karma is transmitted through my computer so my daughter can take advantage of my successes, and blame any failures on me.
  2. She couldn’t find her computer in her bedroom, which is apparently like every other teenagers’ dystopian, chaotic, toxic environmental disaster.
  3. This is how 21st century teenagers bond with their parents.
  4. Or, most likely, it was the closest and easiest to grab when she needed a computer.

Parenting prepares one for a spiritual existence unbound by material possessions—perfecting the ability to let go of possessions and power and to realize that one’s interests and desires are of no consequence in the giant scheme of things. Therefore I am writing on a different computer which requires me to cut and paste my material into WordPress.

Excuse me—it’s time to cut and paste.

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